Welcome to The Tech Communities' Leaders Club

Becoming better leaders to achieve an amazing impact on our loved tech communities!

The Tech Communities' Leaders Club

About Us

We're a cohort of technology experts who love sharing knowledge with the community.

We love volunteering, speaking at conferences, instructing workshops, delivering webinars, organizing meet-ups, participating on expert panels, leading user groups, writing valuable articles, answering questions in forums, leading open-source initiatives, among many others opportunities where we can unselfishly share our passion and knowledge with others. 

Some of us are already or have been recognized by our technology vendors as Most Valuable Professionals (MVPs). You may be on the path to becoming one, but if you're interested in joining this club, it's because you already feel like one and you'll finally make it to it because you want to be better.

Why You Should Join Us

“We’re here to put a dent in the universe. Otherwise why else even be here?”

–Steve Jobs

It's time to have a home for ALL of us, tech communities' leaders and enthusiasts. No matter your tech vendor neither your technology nor level of expertise. 

The only 3 things that matter and are required to join this club are:

1. A GENUINE DESIRE to become a better community leader

2. COMMITMENT to actively participate, share your ideas, connect, and ask questions.

3. RESPECT FOR EVERYONE and their opinions, no matter genre, race, nationality, or whatsoever. Everyone is unique and has unique points of view, which in the end, enriches the entire club. We believe in that and will be moderating the group to make sure to comply with that.

Last, but not least, the club is FREE for everybody to join. Please, invite others who can benefit from the infinite wisdom and positive energy of the group!

A Big Thanks

To ALL of you, for making tech communities an extraordinary place to connect, learn, and share.

Special thanks to first 100 founder members, who believe in the values and spirit of the club!

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